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Blaze Light-Up Disc disk, disc, flying, flight, fly, sky, light, blink, flash, flashing

Price: $8.99
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Item #: 3675FD-IN -

    The Blaze light-up disc meteorically streaks across the night sky with its embedded LED's brightly illuminating even the darkest night. On/off switch allows you to play during the day, or have full flashing lights at night. The official 135 gram weight and large diameter rest well in the hand, ensuring long, stable flights and hours of fun.

    Red Duncan Indoor Booma

    Price: $7.99
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    Item #: 3651XW -

      Made from soft and safe Memorang foam, the Indoor Booma? is soft enough to throw safely indoors and has a flight range of 15 - 20 feet!

      Outdoor Boomerang

      Price: $9.99
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      Item #: 3652XW -

        Made from Memorang polymer, the Outdoor Booma will make you look like a pro. Flight range of 50-70 feet!

        Red Duncan Sky Rider Ultimate Disc

        Price: $11.99
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        Item #: 3670XW -

          The World's Best Flying Ultimate Disc! The Sky Rider® Ultimate disc is precision weighted for smooth, accurate, long range flights. At 175g, the Sky Rider Ultimate is the official weight for Ultimate Competitions!