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A blue Duncan Butterfly yo-yo

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    The Original and best selling string yo-yo of all time! A favorite for over 60 years, the Butterfly® offers a wide shape that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier. It features a flared shape, steel axle and durable plastic body that can withstand impact. It's great for learning the basics of yo-yoing!

    Candy Dice

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      Color Shift Puzzle Ball game, brain, mind, STEM, fidget, solve, toy

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        Great for the beginner solver! Challenge your solving skills while having loads of fun! The Color Shift Puzzle Ball can be solved by matching all of the colored balls with their corresponding colored rings. There are 12 with only 11 filled with a colored ball. Utilize the empty hole to shift balls around to find their matching hole. Once all balls match their colored outer rings, the puzzle is solved!

        Counterpunch counterpunch yoyo, duncantoys, duncan yoyo, duncan yo-yo, expert yo-yo, unresponsive yo-yo, best yo-yo,

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          A total knockout, the Counterpunch is braced to perform in competitive and recreational settings alike. Impactful and elegant, maneuverable and strong, the Counterpunch melds the float of a butterfly and sting of a bee into one comprehensive package. With wide rims, a sleek profile, and a very comfortable weight, the Counterpunch is a versatile design, well-equipped to counterpunch anything thrown its way. A full-sized yo-yo with a small step from the bearing gives it the perfect balance of...

          Counterweight - Pink counterweights, dice, 5A, freehand

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          Item #: 3605XP-20 -

            Limited edition counterweight features semi-opaque pink die with white pips! Limited time.

            Counterweight - White Die counterweights, dice, pip, pips, 5A, freehand

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            Item #: 3605XP-19 -

              Limited edition counterweight features opaque white die with black pips! Limited time.

              white and green Duncan Daredevil footbag

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                Made of durable pellet-filled synthetic leather, Daredevil™ footbag is great for BEGINNER footbag players learning the sport/hobby of footbag. Its 5 panel design makes learning easier and more fun!

                Delta Weight Counterweight, Duncan Toys, Duncan Yo-yo, duncan yoyo, freehand yoyo, freehand, yoyo counterweight, counterweight, 5A

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                Item #: 3169CW -

                  Introducing, our newest creation, the Delta Weight! Featuring innovative technology that allows you to fine-tune the weight of the die, the adjustable weight is perfect for your refined taste. With the familiar shape of the classic die and the newly introduced corner groove, this weight brings the tried and true classic weight into the modern era of freehand play. Designed to allow you to tailor the counterweight to your demand, the adjustable weight is ready to be exactly what you need!

                  Double Dice counterweight, yoyo, yo-yo, duncantoys, yoyoexpert, yoyorewind, spingear, amazon

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                  Item #: 3168CW -

                    The all-new double dice counterweight is our newest innovation. Our goals were the creation of a new way to play counterweight and the enablement of the invention of interesting new tricks. Through intensive prototyping, we optimized the weight distribution for each die to achieve maximum performance. Attach the double dice counterweight to your favorite Duncan Yo-Yo and start innovating!

                    Dragon Hawk Glider w/ Power Assist Toy Planes, Toy Glides, Dragonhawk Glider, Duncan Toys, Duncan YoYo, Duncan Glider, Duncan Dragonhawk,

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                      Have you ever wanted to train your own dragon? Well now you can! Train your dragon to fly, rise and dive. Rule the skies day or night with colorful lights! The light up dragon hawk flies like a real dragon with lifelike flight movement, controlled flight patterns and super long flight capability! With Power Assist, it will soar in the sky for 5 to 10 seconds. Just shake your wrist three times and let it soar! It's durable and made to last and you can recharge it with the attached USB...

                      Duncan Orbit duncan yo-yo, duncan toys, orbit yoyo, tal mordoch, unresponsive yoyo, yoyoexpert, yotricks, yoyotricks, yoyofactory

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                        Drop it. Throw it. Launch it. The Orbit, the all-new signature yo-yo of 2-time Israeli Champion and 3-consecutive-time European Champion Tal Mordoch, has arrived! Winning so many titles requires a lot change, and the Orbit is tailored to Tal?s new, precise, well-controlled and constructive combos. The multi-stepped design gives a smooth landing to your hand, so you can catch and release the yo-yo at ease. The weight is perfected to feel floaty with heft, allowing you to triumph through your...

                        Duncan Roadrunner Yo-Yo roadrunner yoyo, duncan toys, duncan yoyo, unresponsive yoyo, yoyoexpert, yotricks, yoyorewind,

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                          Introducing the all-new Roadrunner, the most recent addition to the Runner series! The stylish groove and wide shape make this yo-yo outstanding and powerful! For this yo-yo, the main focus was on creating a nimble, mobile, and all-around fun yo-yo. The wide shape helps you land all your risky and technical tricks, along with enabling ease of horizontal tricks. And as a cherry on top, the stylish groove finish gives you some great, flowy grinds! The Roadrunner is impeccably versatile, with a...