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Limelight™ Yo-Yo

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    Creating a light show on a string is easy with Limelight™! It features a rim-weighted body made of durable polycarbonate plastic encasing special LED light technology that blinks and changes colors and patterns while it spins! Limelight™ features a replaceable plastic trans axle for looping tricks giving it the feeling of a classic yo-yo in a modern plastic design.

    A bottle of looping oil

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      Performance oils enhance the play of looping and long spinning yo-yos! Modern yo-yos use ball-bearing axles which over time suffer from decreased spin times or low response due to the lack of lubrication. These oils have been formulated to increase the performance of ball-bearing yo-yos and are available in two varieties: Spin and Looping Oil.

      Duncan Maple Drop Kendama with Blue Tama

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        The all-new Maple Drop™ kendama is elegantly crafted from strong, durable maple wood, offering flawless balance and the perfect texture for advanced level tricks. Professional kendama players designed each detail of the cups, spike, and tama, offering precise weight distribution for "e;lunars"e;, "e;lighthouses"e; and other balance tricks. The Maple Drop™ is Duncan®'s highest performance kendama.

        Mayhem | Made in USA mayhem yoyo, duncan yoyo, duncan toys, metal yoyo, yoyos, yo-yo, expert yo-yo, made in usa yoyo

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          One of our biggest plan has been to make a run of made in USA yo-yos again. The Mayhem was our top candidate. We wanted to utilize our original designs and innovate the playability to make it relevant today. The Mayhem is not your typical horizontal yo-yo. It?s wide, elegant and 100% organic, which enables the fun and joy of yo-yoing but doesn?t lend itself to horizontal play. NOTE: Black Mayhem is anodized flawed. It does not affect the playability. Discounted price.

          Mega Bounce® XL Ball

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            Up the ante with the Duncan® Mega Bounce® XL - a super-sized sensation. A whopping 100 inch circumference, you'll be AMAZED at its size!

            Mental Block mental block, toys, duncan toys, duncan mental block

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              All of us suffer from occasional mental block, but Duncan provides relief with the new Mental Block brain twister. Fun for 2 to 4 players, this game is easy to learn, but a challenge to win! More fun than two-dimensional games, with the Mental Block you can go around corners and over walls. With alternating turns, simply be the first player to connect 4 pegs in a row, and you win! Other game variations included!

              Metal Drifter XL Metal Drifter, Metal Drifter XL, Duncan, Duncan Toys, yo-yo, yoyo, yoyos, metal yoyo, expert yoyo

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                The Metal Drifter is one of our most famous organic metal yo-yos. So we decided to make a bigger version and call it Metal Drifter XL! Our idea is to have a playable XL sized yo-yo: something that plays and feels like a standard size yo-yo, something that glides on your string with no problem, but has all the benefits of an oversized yo-yo. This was just an imagination that turned into reality, an XL or oversized yo-yo that will bring you joy and a ton of fun!

                Metal Drifter™

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                  The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision machined, premium aluminum, it features a wide shape, ball-bearing axle and recessed sticker response. The Drifter is the perfect yo-yo for intermediate players looking to step up to a professional quality yo-yo. Each Metal Drifter™ includes a counterweight for players looking to learn even more tricks as they enter the realm of 5A!

                  Gold Duncan Metal Racer yo-yo

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                    The Metal Racer is one of the best values in yo-yo play. Made of precision machined aluminum, the Racer plays better than yo-yos twice its price. It is the perfect yo-yo for players looking to step up to a professional yo-yo!

                    MKT Yo-Yo yo-yo, yoyo, duncan, duncantoys, MKT, MKT Yoyo, Chris Makita, Team Duncan, Duncan Crew

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                      Introducing, Duncan MKT, signature model of Philippine National Champion Chris Makita. Its powerful spin time is coming from its thick rims and elegant inner curves. Chris's favorite tricks are long combos that last for more than a minute; and this Yo-Yo can stand it any day! MKT is the true spin master! Light Blue, Pink, Purple/Green, Metallic Grey comes with Duncan Caps!

                      Monumental Puzzle Game puzzle game, duncan toys, monumental puzzle,

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                        Tetrahedral shaped brain teaser starts looking like a pyramid but quickly changes with each turn. Twist to change shape & color, then solve to get all sides the same color! - Internal spherical spring construction allows for smooth turning. - Colored plastic sides remove issue with moving stickers. - Challenge yourself, challenge your friends!

                        Mountain Wagon radio flyer, pathfinder, red, classic, wagons, all-terrain

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                          For over 85 years, Duncan's quality in classic toys has been enjoyed from generation to generation. We value quality, safety, and a fair price. Duncan has taken the same approach in constructing our new Mountain Wagon. - Improved materials! - Improved user safety! - Improved performance! - Improved price!