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Splash Attack XL Water Skipping Ball aqua, waboba, action, net, skip

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    Skip it! Throw It! Dive for it! The Splash Attack XL is Duncan's slightly larger, softer, water skipping ball for fun in any body of water. Measuring 3.25" in diameter, this lighter weight Splash Attack ball skips easily across any body of water. For more game play, check out the Duncan Splash Attack Action Net.

    Strix Yo-Yo

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      Designed by 2011 European Yo-Yo Champion Kohta Watanabe, the Strix features a clean, modern profile for pristine performance while performing the most difficult tricks.

      Survivor Kit survivor kit, boy scout yoyo, boy scout yo-yo, duncan toys, duncan yo-yo, duncan yoyo

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        With Duncan's Yo-Yo Survivor Pack, you will be equipped to begin your journey with the best gear possible to take you from an entry level participant to an accomplished player. In addition, you will go in style with the sunglasses, extra string, a trick book, protective tape, counterweight, and the Yo-Tility Holster featuring a string cutter and bearing removal tool. The base yo-yos include the Hornet, for levels 1 and 2 in the Scout* Program, and the Freehand, for levels 3 through...

        Red and clear Duncan Torch kendama

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        Item #: 3865KE -

          The Torch™ Light-Up brilliantly illuminates the entire kendama! Both the base and the kendama are fitted with bright lights for gorgeous play. Every Torch is molded from high impact plastic designed to withstand plenty of use. After molding, each of the Torch's cups is surrounded with a soft silicone ring that offers easy, cushioned landings for the ball, perfect for the beginner. Also fit for a pro, the silicone rings can be easily removed as skill progresses.

          Torque Yo-Yo

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          Item #: 3611XP -

            Torque was co-designed with our partners in the yo-yo epicenter of Japan. It merges the demands of top players from around the globe. Torque boasts a wide-shaped body and angled edges offering a testament to its strong spin and incredible agility. The Torque has found itself in the hands of both current and future champions!

            Duncan Venom kendama with purple tama

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            Item #: 3850KE -

              The Venom™ Kendama takes the craftsmanship of the Komodo and steps it up to the next level. Rubberized paint is added to the tama, adding tactility, grip, and ease of use during the most difficult tricks. The Venom is our highest performing kendama and is suitable for any skill level.

              VersaBracket System Set Versa, hoop, basketball, basketball set, versahoop, brace, bracket

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              Item #: VB01 -

                Clamp on the VersaHoop with the VersaBracket set. This is the replacement brackets and hardware for the patented Versahoop attachment system. Incredibly versatile, use the VersaBracket set with your Versahoop backboard to attach almost anywhere. Think of all the places that have poles or rails that you can attach the hoop. Trampoline Safety Poles, RV Ladders or Hand Rails, Pop Up Tents, Bunk Bed Posts, Stair Rails, Deck Rails, Pontoon Rails, Flag Poles, Fence Posts, Boat Dock Posts, Tennis...

                Versahoop Basketball Set basketball, ball, rim, backboard, hoop, net, versa, versatile, board, basket

                Price: $59.99
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                Item #: VHOOP1 -

                  The most versatile, durable, and portable basketball hoop ever! Versahoop is the only backboard / hoop that can attach to almost anything. The patented Versabrackets can lock onto any vertical or horizontal pole. Great for outdoor and indoor use!

                  Versahoop Replacement Net - White versa, backboard, hoop, accessory

                  Price: $3.99
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                  Item #: VHNWH -

                    Are your ballers shredding the nets.... literally?! Well, we have you covered with this replacement white net for the Versahooop basketball set. Also available in red/white/blue.

                    Versahoop Replacement Rim - Orange hoop, basketball, basket, ball, accessory, versa

                    Price: $9.99
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                    Item #: VHROR -

                      10" orange replacement rim for your Versahoop backboard. Features patented "break-away" system to snap off the board with too much stress or weight. Might be a good time to get a new net too! White and red/white/blue sold separately.

                      Versahoop Replacment Net - Red/White/Blue versa, hoop, basketball, basket, ball, accessory

                      Price: $3.99
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                      Item #: VHNRWB -

                        Are your ballers shredding the nets.... literally?! Well, we have you covered with this red/white/blue replacement net for the Versahooop basketball set. Also available in white.

                        Windrunner  1A, Single A, limited edition, expert, splash, butterfly, duncan, duncan yoyo, yo-yo, yoyo, duncan toys

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                        Item #: 9256SE -

                          Windrunner is our new economical full metal Yo-Yo. Our goal is popularize unresponsive Yo-Yos into the mass market. Our team focused on aesthetics, while making the playability extremely friendly. Full size and fully charged at 56mm diameter, Windrunner holds any long combos, sideways and fingerspin tricks! The double rim design gives it a unique weight distribution that can endure long yo-yo practice sessions. This will be the best $32.99 Yo-Yo you will ever have, so grab one and play fast...