Although many of our toys can be enjoyed within the confines of your own home, we at Duncan® value the great outdoors as well! That’s why we have moved into producing some outdoor toys to create fun ways to get outside and enjoy some fresh air!


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Yellow Duncan Sky Spinner

Price: $10.50
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    The Original Trick Disc! Duncan® Sky Spinner® is a ground breaking, hand-propelled spinning disc. Unleash an awesome array of tricks and stunts; throw it, crank it, spin it or slam it. Use the power crank to get your Sky Spinner® spinning with the flick of a wrist. With a perfectly balanced, weighted rim, it can reach an incredible 500 revolutions per minute. Easy and fun for all ages to use!

    Blue Duncan Sonic Booma

    Price: $10.99
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      Made from Memorang polymer, the Sonic Booma™ has a flight range of 50-80 feet and delivers a loud whistle as it flies!

      Splash Attack Action Net water, ball, skip, skipping, waboba, aqua, hoop, pool

      Price: $17.99
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        Some Sports Just Need A "Net" for More Fun! With Duncan's new Splash Attack Action Net, no longer do you have to just "play catch". The Action Net opens an array of game play with water skipping balls. Simply inflate, place in water, and the competition begin! Game play included with instructions. One set includes: - Action Net - Splash Attack water skipping ball - instructions and game play options Optional weighted cord and weight not included.

        Splash Attack Water Skipping Ball net, action, skipping, waboba, bouncing, aqua, pool

        Price: $5.99
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          Great for any outdoor fun in the water! Whether at the pool, beach, or park, the Duncan Splash Attack ball will quickly skip across any water for loads of fun. For more games, check out the Duncan Splash Attack Action Net too!

          Splash Attack XL Water Skipping Ball aqua, waboba, action, net, skip

          Price: $7.99
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          Item #: 3912SA -

            Skip it! Throw It! Dive for it! The Splash Attack XL is Duncan's slightly larger, softer, water skipping ball for fun in any body of water. Measuring 3.25" in diameter, this lighter weight Splash Attack ball skips easily across any body of water. For more game play, check out the Duncan Splash Attack Action Net.