Yo-Yo Youth Program

Duncan has developed a program to support the participants, and inspire you to be a part of another team with a new sport. One you can carry in your pocket, or backpack, and take it anywhere. Not to mention, it's pretty impressive to show your friends something they may have never seen before.

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Get free tutorials on all of the Yo-Yo Youth Program tricks below and upload your submissions to receive credit and your level patches.

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Recommended Yo-Yos
Survivor Kit

Price: $24.99

Hornet™ Pro Looping Yo-Yo

Price: $12.50


Freehand Freehand, Freehand Yo-Yo, Duncan, Duncan Yo-Yo, Duncan Toys, Duncan YoYo, Expert Yo-Yo, Unresponsive yoyo, yoyos

Price: $14.99


Recommended Accessories
Red yo-tility holster

Price: $5.40



Tutorials and Submissions

To earn your exclusive Duncan badge collection, simply create a video for each trick and upload them to YouTube or Vimeo, then fill out the form below!
Got any questions? Email us at info@yo-yo.com.

Gravity Pull


Walk the Dog

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Pin Wheel

The Elevator

Rock the Baby

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Eiffel Tower

Brain Twister


Mach 5

Double or Nothing

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Leg Wrap Trap

Gyro Flop

Wrist Mount

Coaster Mount

Barrel Roll

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Pop 'n Fresh

Finger Grind

Eli Hops

Split the Atom


Kyuuki Slack

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